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  • 2019
    SEO Agency
    of the Year
    Creating a Successful
    We bet you don't spend much time on the 2nd page of
    Google - so why should your website?
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about us

AdmediaTex Token
ADMX in Blockchain

Over 7 years AdmediaTex helping publishers reach their financial and branding goals.

The ADMX token on blockchain is our share of stock in our company, acquire ADMX and invest in shares of our company, these tokens are in due course renewable and priced shares of stock quoted in USD.

0 MM
Total Supply Token
0 MM
In Team reserve 20%
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Nodes and AdCloud.
ADMX 1 Token per Share

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A Small Roadmap

We want you to be present
in our future projects.

Strategy and Beta Startup

In 2021 we will initiate at least 2 of our most anticipated and complete projects will be built and in the beta phase.

Use and Quality of Service

At this stage, our projects are already working at 100%, the tokens would already be in their 80% of circulation and accepted by the Exchangers and accepted as a payment method in our services.

Our Innovative Service

At this point we expect our innovative Cloud Mining service to phase in terms of up to 1 to 3 months, and as short as 7 days. Payments accepted will also be in ADMX tokens.